Album: order of dagon (2011)

Song: shining trapezohedron

Bitrate: 160kbps

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s[ermo] iii is a dark ambient/darkwave/industrial/electronic/minimalist music project headed by internationally acclaimed madman marius huseby (aka slesk).
he started s[ermo] iii in 2010 to be a place where he could put his musical ideas without thoughts of restraint or "genre".
s[ermo] iii has, to date, released three albums. of course, being mad and all, the first album recorded (order of dagon) was the last album released.
s[ermo] iii likes making extremely limited, handmade albums, like the somewhat highly regarded "easy listening for great old ones" series, which is a series of albums completely dedicated to h. p. lovecraft's cthulhu mythos.
expect serious business and maddening sounds and other fun things from this end in the future.